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May Semester - changes to enrollment

This semester we have decided to try something new when registering. Typically, we have always waited till week 3 and offered our current students the ability to re enroll first. This seems to put a crutch to our waiting clients and creates last minute scheduling.

At week three, we feel that is a good time to see if you are committed to returning and continuing your dog's education. So, at week 3 we will open enrollment to all students, pending, waiting list, and previously enrolled. We will try to keep your class time.

As for instructions, typically, our tier is starting your puppy foundations with Marty or Sue, followed by your intermediate and advanced training with Kaitlyn, and then advanced, competition, and specialty classes with Lori. We do fill in all classes based on the schedule when the need arises.

Therefore, for the may Semester, we have the following classes available. if you are a new student to us at Puppy-Wuppy, you will need to complete a new client enrollment form and wait for our confirmation of class choice.

EMAIL us for a Registration/Enrollment form.

These are the classes still open. If you emailed us to register already- we have you registered and your class will not show because it is filled..

Saturday's starting 5/18

8am Basic obedience I and II with Marty

10am Beyond Basic obedience with Marty

11am Intermediate/Advanced with Kaitlyn

1pm Basic Obedience/Puppy with Kaitlyn

Monday's starting 5/20

6pm Rally Skills and Drills with Lori

7pm Intermediate Obedience with Lori

4pm Basic obedience with Kaitlyn

7pm Beyond Basic obedience with Kaitlyn

Tuesday's starting 5/21

5pm Puppy Foundations with Sue

6pm Puppy Foundations with Sue

7pm Puppy Foundations with Sue

5:30 Off Site with Lori

Wednesday's starting 5/22

7pm Intermediate Obedience with Lori

5pm Puppy Foundations with Marty

6pm Puppy/Basic with Marty

7pm Basic II with Marty

8pm Beyond Basic obedience with Kaitlyn

Thursday's starting 5/23

8pm Puppy/Basic Obedience with Kaitlyn

Most of these classes listed only have 1 or 2 openings so email us at Classes are 6 weeks. Our classes are small to take into account you may miss a class due to vacations, life engagements etc. so this way we can keep you on track for your semester.

Thank you all for your consideration and cooperation in trying out this new sign up platform.


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